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Christmas Bible Resources Gift Guide

As requested here is a guide of some of my favorite Bible resources that I think would make a wonderful gift for a friend or yourself. I have used each one and they have helped me stay more organized and more intentional in my walk with God and my quiet time. While Christmas is not all about gift giving, it is one way that we show love and appreciation of those around us. What better way than give a gift that is something they can use to grow in God! Here are five things that I have been loving and I hope you will too!

1. Growth Roots Book-

This book has to be one of my favorite tools in helping me stay intentional with journaling and praying throughout my year. There are sections to write down prayers and how God answered them. There is a faithfulness section to write down God’s faithfulness throughout the year. There is even a Bible reading guide and as you read the Bible, you can mark off what you have read. There are many wonderful things about this book to keep you intentional as you grow in God throughout the year. This would be a perfect gift for someone who loves to journal to start in January for the new year. These books have become a history of my year and I hope to continue it the rest of my life!

2. Illustrating Bible-

My top question that I get asked is where did I purchase my Illustrating Bible. This Bible is my favorite for journaling and practicing the SOAP method. There is so much space to write and take notes. It is spiral bound which is amazing for being able to lay flat. It is very simple and only has the Word of God written in CSB. There are no maps or extra notes at the bottom to give the reader more room to journal. Its clean and spiral bound look makes it very appealing.

This Bible has to be my favorite Bible I have ever owned. It is written in the Christian Standard Version and the best part is that before each book of the Bible, it contains a history about the book, who wrote it, and the major themes. It also has a reading guide for each book as well to help you read the book in an intentional way. They have maps and timelines for specific books to help you understand the context and history of the era the book was written in. As a history teacher this Bible has helped me so much in understanding the timeline of the Bible. It also has large margins to take notes in and with the right pens, it does not bleed through. It also has TWO bookmarks! If that doesn't sell you then I don’t know what would!

4. Daily Grace Co. Verse Cards-

One of the most powerful things you can do is pray scripture. These verse cards are so aesthetically pleasing and have verses over specific topics with prayer prompts on the back. These have helped guide my prayer time. They also would be perfect as a stocking stuffer!

5. Daily Grace Co. Bible Tabs-

I recently purchased these Bible tabs for my Illustrating Bible and I love them. They are super sturdy and easy to attach. They are so beautiful and have gold foil lettering. They are perfect for a Bible that has thin pages and does not have any side indications of the location of the books of the Bible. They have many different colors and looks but these jewel toned ones are what I use. This would be an amazing addition to any of the Bibles I mentioned above.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and found some new items to make your quiet time more intentional or help a friend become more intentional. I pray you truly have a Merry Christmas!

- Cheryl

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