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So Why Purest Treasure?

When the world is screaming at us to treasure things like accomplishments, perfection, health, busyness, wealth, popularity, relationships, etc. we seek to treasure God by learning how to study His Word and cultivate intentional time with Him.

Purest Treasure Ministries is founded on the scripture “Don’t store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal.  But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves don’t break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:19-21


      I remember the first time I came across this scripture as a young teenager. I was making a friend a powerpoint of pictures to celebrate our friendship (thanks early 2000s). I wanted a scripture to go at the end. When I found this scripture I remember thinking how it was really the foundation of everything. Whatever we value or treasure shows us where our heart truly lies and where our heart lies, is where we will spend our time and energy here on earth.


The word pure in Purest Treasure  means "not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material. Free of any contamination" (Google definitions). We all need a pure treasure that is not contaminated by the world or mixed with other outside forces. Our purest treasure should be God and our relationship with him.  He is our treasure and what we should be seeking every day of our lives.


       It is not an easy task to seek this purest of treasures because we are bombarded by everything in life around us. We are constantly fed the things of this world through media, books, magazines, and even our friends.  But there is a way to keep the purest of treasures in the midst of all the noise, and that is seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness (Matthew 6:33).  We seek first the kingdom of God by changing our mindset to think on Godly things (see Philippians 4:8).  Once we start changing the way we think, we start seeing life through the lenses of Christ.  Eventually, we will find ourselves seeking the things that are most important to Him.


      I want to love what He loves, I want to seek what He seeks, I want to go where He goes, and I want His passions to be my passions. When we seek to want this more than anything a lot of our worries and anxieties fade away. He gives us the strength to endure bad news. He gives us the endurance to deal with hard things life throws at us. No longer do we have to strive to be perfect or successful at everything. And on those days when everything seems too overwhelming, we can rest in Him knowing He has it all under control. In the end when all the noise in the world seems too much to bear we can have hope because we will someday be with Him for eternity. 


       So this ministry was birthed to help you make Him your purest treasure. How do we do that? By spending time with Him in His Word and in prayer! I know it’s easier said than done when no one has taught you how to do that! So my mission from the beginning has been to teach you HOW to study and to pray His Word. HOW to cultivate time in your busy life to spend with Him through the creation of Biblical resources to help you accomplish these things! 


So where do you start? I have a free 3 day devotional to lead you through making Him your Purest Treasure. To follow up I have a Women’s Guide to the Bible that teaches you more about His Word and how to study it so you can actually find time to be in His Word and get something out of it!


So join me today by downloading the three day Bible study to truly learn how to look past all the noise and straight at His heart. 


   Feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments. I would love to have the chance to speak to you and share life with you! I also speak at an event every year called Dwell Retreat. I am available for speaking engagements throughout the year. Please enquire through

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