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A ten day Bible study to help moms reclaim their quiet time with Jesus while teaching their kids to treasure scripture in their hearts. 



Mom's Quiet Time 

As moms we never seem to get a moment to ourselves to read the Bible! We want to spend time in the Word but its almost impossible with the endless demands for snacks and diaper changes. That is why I have created this resource! To help moms reclaim their quiet time while the little ones do an activity. Each day moms are given a short devotional over a passage of scripture while their kid(s) is completing an activity with the same scripture. 



Activities for Kids

While mom is doing her quiet time the kid(s) are doing their own coloring activity. The activities are scaffolded to accommodate additional activities for kids who are a little older up to 6 years. On the fifth day of each week there are activity days where the moms and their kid(s) are given suggested activities to live out the scriptures learned throughout the week. 



Mom and Me Time 

Once mom is finished with her quiet time she will then ask her kid(s) leading questions about the scripture she just studied. The Bible study contains questions and conversation starters to help kids understand the scripture they just colored. 



Scripture Memorization 

When the Mom and Me Time is over a QR code is provided for moms to watch a Youtube video teaching them how to teach the scripture to their kid(s). With the method I use my son was memorizing scripture at two! 

For those who have access to a printer and want to print out multiple activity pages and save a few bucks! 

For those who do not have access to a printer or wish to gift the Bible study to another mom! 

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