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Must Read: Hadassah

One Night With the King

This book was written by Tommy Tenney and tells the Biblical story of Esther in fiction form. Tenney follows the story in the Bible while adding in details of what Esther may have been thinking as the events in her life unfolded. He writes using Biblical and historical accuracy to make the story of Esther come alive. 

      I recommend this novel to every teenage girl to read because of the lessons taught in this book. I suggest you first read the book of Esther in its entirety and then pick up this novel and try to put yourself in Esther's shoes. The most important lesson in this book is expressed in chapter thirty-seven. It speaks on making God the desire of your heart and knowing who you are in Him before you allow anyone else to influence you. 

      I have taught from this chapter many times concerning dating and living a life of purity. It impacted me so many years ago when I fell in love with Christ and I hope it will for you as well! 

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