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The Story Behind the Scripture Treats

Hello everyone! As most of you know I opened up Purest Treasure Ministry yesterday. This has been a desire of mine for a long time. This ministry is designed to help people especially women, grow deeper in their relationship with God. Through the creation of these resources, my hope is that I encourage people to dig deeper into the Word of God and seek after a stronger prayer life. I have started with a free devotional online found here. I have also created scripture cards with a verse on one side and a prayer that goes along with that verse on the other side. I have called them scripture treats because they are just that, a treat to brighten your day. The word treat refers to an item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure (Oxford Dictionary). That is what I hope they do for you. May they give you great pleasure as they remind you of the Word of God and how powerful it can be to pray scripture into your life.

The inspiration behind these came two years ago when Little O was born. I had an unforeseen c-section and after Little O was born, we found out that he had jaundice and had to be under a blue light for a few days. While this is common for babies, I was still not prepared to stay a week in the hospital and have limited time to hold my new baby. Breastfeeding was also not going well and Little O was loosing a lot of weight. After a week in the hospital we got to go home. I remember one afternoon sitting at my kitchen table when everyone had left from visiting and my husband had gone back to work. Little O was asleep in his swing beside me and I thought to myself, how in the world am I going to do this? How will I ever be good enough to take care of this little treasure the Lord has given me? Of course my hormones were all over the place, I was still recovering from the surgery of the c-section, and was obviously lacking sleep. I was feeling so overwhelmed and I just cried out to God in that moment for help. I had been so distracted during the week in the hospital with all the nurses coming in and the stress of the situation that I had not spent adequate time with the Lord in prayer or in His Word. In that moment of crying out, I felt Him nudge me towards scripture. So I grabbed my Bible and went to the back where there is a topical index of scripture. I began to look up scriptures that dealt with anxiety, confidence, and self-worth. I grabbed some cute note cards and I began to write scriptures on them. There in that moment scripture treats were born.

To this day, these note cards have been hanging on my mirror (see photo at the left) as a reminder that with God, I am enough to raise this little boy. They are a reminder that God gives me strength even when I feel inadequate and weak. Since then, I have realized that I can add prayers to these scriptures so I can pray the Word of God into my life. Many times in our situations we are left without knowing what to pray. However, we are given the words to pray in the scripture! I think praying scripture is a powerful tool because the Bible says in Hebrews 4:12, "For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." (NIV) If the Word of God is alive and active, why can't we use it to be a powerful avenue to overcome anything we are facing!? We have the power to overcome with the Word of God and crying out to Him using the beautiful words that He orchestrated for us. The sets I have created so far can be found here. Grab them in digital or physical format and start praying the prayers over your life! I am working on my next set coming out soon and I have some more resources in the works as well! I want you to use these resources as a tool to help you in your walk with God as you seek to make Him your greatest treasure. If you have read down to this part you are one of my greatest supporters and I appreciate you as you support me on this journey.

Much Love, Cheryl

One of the Scripture Treat sets

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